Andrew's CD Collection and Wishlist

Updated April 29th, 2023

This is a catalogue of albums in my ever-growing music collection. Mostly CDs. Some DVDs. A few are digital. (The last category tends to be albums that are unavailable on CD, like game soundtracks.)

In a few cases i've included gaps in the collection -- albums i want but don't (yet) own. These are distinguished visually as shown in the legend below.

The release date of each album is given in parentheses after the title. If i have (or want) a particular edition then that will also be in parentheses or noted in the text.


Album I Have
Album I Want


George Winston — Autumn (1980) (Used)
George Winston — Autumn (20th anniversary edition) (Used)
George Winston — Winter into Spring (1982) (Used)
George Winston — Winter Into Spring (20th anniversary edition) (Used)
George Winston — December (1982) (Used)
George Winston — December (1982) (2010 remastered special edition)
George Winston — Summer (1991) (Used)
George Winston — Forest (1994) (Used)
George Winston — Plains (1999) (Used)

George Winston — Linus & Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi (1996)
George Winston — Love Will Come: The Music of Vince Guaraldi, Volume 2 (2009)
George Winston — Spring Carousel (2017)
George Winston — Restless Wind (2019)
George Winston — Night (2022)

Vince Guaraldi — A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) (2006 Remix)
Vince Guaraldi — Oh, Good Grief (1968) (Used)

George Winston is my favourite pianist. Well, the only pianist i listen to, really.

December and Linus & Lucy are probably his best albums. December is an album of Christmas music, more or less. Linus & Lucy is a tribute to the music of Vince Guaraldi, whom Winston lists as one of his biggest influences.

Dream Theater — When Dream and Day Unite (1989) (Used)
Dream Theater — Images and Words (1992) (Used)
Dream Theater — Awake (1994) (Used)
Dream Theater — A Change Of Seasons EP (1995)
Dream Theater — Falling Into Infinity (1997)
Dream Theater — Scenes From A Memory (1999)
Dream Theater — Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance (2002)
Dream Theater — Train of Thought (2003)
Dream Theater — Octavarium (2005)
Dream Theater — Systematic Chaos (2007) (special edition CD/DVD) [qq]
Dream Theater — Black Clouds and Silver Linings (2009) (special edition 3CD)

Dream Theater — A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011) (special edition CD/DVD)
Dream Theater — Dream Theater (2013) [qq]
Dream Theater — The Astonishing (2016)
Dream Theater — Distance Over Time (2019) (box set) [qq]
Dream Theater — A View from the Top of the World (2021)
Dream Theater — Distance Over Time: Demos (2023)

Masters of Progressive Metal. Between Dad and me we have most of their albums. I've included his albums above.

Their first album, When Dream and Day Unite, is surprisingly good (though a little unpolished). Images and Words in an absolute classic. Falling Into Infinity is considered by the band to be their weakest album, a result of executive meddling. The fallout resulted in the band almost breaking up, firing their keyboardist, and self-producing all their albums since. It has a few good songs though.

Mike Portnoy (the drummer and one of the founding members) left the band after Black Clouds and Silver Linings and was replaced by Mike Mangini.

Three of their albums have been mixed in surround: Systematic Chaos, Dream Theater (2013), and Distance Over Time. Systematic Chaos was only released as a low-bitrate DVD (Dolby AC3). Dream Theater (2013) and Distance Over Time got proper lossless releases. All three were mixed by different people.

Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)
Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (1999)
Liquid Tension Experiment 3 (2CD) (2021)

Liquid Tension Experiment was a jazz-fusion supergroup containing two Dream Theater members (Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci), keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and Tony Levin.

Jordan joined Dream Theater for the album Scenes From A Memory and has been with them ever since.

Levin Minnemann Rudess (2013)
From the Law Offices of Levin Minneman and Rudess (2016)

A collaboration between Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, and Jordan Rudess. Enough said.

Porcupine Tree — Up the Downstair (2CD) (1993) (2004 remix)
Porcupine Tree — The Sky Moves Sideways (2CD) (1995) (2004 remix)
Porcupine Tree — Signify (CD) (1996) (2015 remaster)
Porcupine Tree — Coma Divine (live) (2CD) (1997/2018) (2012 remaster)

Porcupine Tree — Stupid Dream (CD/DVD-A) (1999) (2006 remix) [qq]
Porcupine Tree — Lightbulb Sun (CD/DVD-A) (2000) (2008 remix) [qq]
Porcupine Tree — Voyage 34 (CD) (1992/2000) (2016 remaster)
Porcupine Tree — Recordings (2001)

Porcupine Tree — In Absentia (digital download) (2004)
Porcupine Tree — In Absentia (box set) (2020) [qq]
Porcupine Tree — Deadwing (2005) [qq]
Porcupine Tree — Fear of a Blank Planet (DVD-A) (2007) [qq]
Porcupine Tree — Nil Recurring (EP) (2007)
Porcupine Tree — The Incident (2CD) (2010)
Porcupine Tree — The Incident (DVD-A) (2010) [qq]
Porcupine Tree — Octane Twisted (live) (2CD/DVD) (2012)

Porcupine Tree — Pure Narcotic - Acoustic Session (digital EP) (2012/2020)

Porcupine Tree — Closure / Continuation (Deluxe Digital Album) (2022)
Porcupine Tree — Closure / Continuation (2CD/Blu-ray) (2022)

Porcupine Tree's music can be divided into approximately three eras. The first four albums (On the Sunday of Life through Signify) were of the psychedelic and progressive rock genres. The Sky Moves Sideways in particular sounds very Floydian. Both it and Up the Downstair are really good. On the Sunday of Life (not listed) is a little too bizarre for my tastes.

The next two albums, Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun, focus on shorter, more structured songs, drawing more from pop music. Lightbulb Sun is my favourite from this period but Stupid Dream is growing on me. Recordings is a collection of B-sides and unused tracks from the these sessions, including the absolutely stunning track Buying New Soul.

In Absentia takes a sharp turn into metal, and this sound is developed more on the following albums. The highlight here is Fear of a Blank Planet, in my opinion. I don't have Deadwing but it was hit really hard by the loudness war so i think i'll hold out for a remaster.

In Absentia got a deluxe anniversary edition release in February 2020 which includes the surround mix, outtakes, and demos. It also has a new documentary about the making of the album.

Steven Wilson — Cover Version (2003-2010)
Steven Wilson — Insurgentes (CD/DVD-A) (2009) [qq]
Steven Wilson — Grace For Drowning (2011)
Steven Wilson — The Raven that Refused to Sing (and other stories) (CD/DVD-V) (2013)
Steven Wilson — Hand. Cannot. Erase. (CD/DVD-V) (2015)

Steven Wilson is the creative genius behind Porcupine Tree. He has released four very different solo albums. Insurgentes experimented with noise and drone music; Grace For Drowning has more of a jazz foundation, but still with a dark edge to it; Wilson calls The Raven his love letter to '70s progressive rock; and his latest album, Hand Cannot Erase, is a concept album which brings all these elements together with a more modern, electronic sound.

Cover Version is a collection of singles he released throughout 2003-2010.

Steven Wilson — Grace For Drowning (Blu-ray) (2011) [qq]
Steven Wilson — The Raven that Refused to Sing (and other stories) (CD/Blu-ray) (2013) [qq]
Steven Wilson — Drive Home (Blu-ray) (2013) [qq]
Steven Wilson — Hand. Cannot. Erase. (CD/Blu-ray) (2015) [qq]
Steven Wilson — (Blu-ray) (2016) [qq]
Steven Wilson — To The Bone (Blu-ray) (2017) [qq]
Steven Wilson — The Future Bites (Blu-ray) (2021) [qq]

Surround sound versions of SW's solo albums.

Porcupine Tree — Arriving Somewhere... (live) (2006/2018) (2CD/Blu-ray) [qq]

Porcupine Tree's first live concert video, recorded in Chicago shortly after Deadwing was released (and before Fear of a Blank Planet). It was originally issued on DVD, but was reiussed on Blu-ray in 2017.

Steven Wilson — Get All You Deserve (live) (2012/2017) (2CD/Blu-ray) [qq]

A video from Steven Wilson's first solo tour, recorded live in Mexico City. This is the reissued edition.

Blackfield — Blackfield (2004)
Blackfield — Blackfield II (2007)

Blackfield was a collaboration between Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. I think this is where SW's pop songs ended up after Porcupine Tree's Stupid Dream era.

Gavin Harrison — Cheating The Polygraph (CD/DVD-V) (2015) [qq]

Big band covers of Porcupine Tree songs, arranged by drummer Gavin Harrison.

Opeth — Watershed (2008)
Opeth — Heritage (CD/DVD) (2011) [qq]
Opeth — Pale Communion (CD/Blu-Ray) (2014) [qq]
Opeth — Sorceress (2CD) (2016)
Opeth — In Cauda Venenum (3CD Expanded Edition) (2019/2022)

Opeth started out as a death metal band, but starting with Heritage all their albums and have had clean vocals (no death growls).

Heritage and Pale Communion were mixed by Steven Wilson, in stereo and surround.

Pale Communion was described by Mikael Åkerfeldt as the "missing link between Damnation and Ghost Reveries", but i think it is more like the missing link between Ghost Reveries and Heritage, or the album that Heritage should have been.

Storm Corrosion (deluxe edition CD/Blu-ray) (2012) [qq]

The long-awaited collaboration between Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt. Everyone (including them) expected metal. Instead we got... this. Atmospheric, melodic, frightening. Twisted beautiful.

Amazing album.

Tool — Fear Inoculum (2019) (limited edition mediabook)

Tool's first release in like 13 years! I sprung for the fancy CD edition with the embedded video player.

King Crimson — In the Court of the Crimson King (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1969) (2009) [qq]
King Crimson — Lizard (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1970) (2009) [qq]

King Crimson — Larks' Tongues in Aspic (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1973) (2012) [qq]
King Crimson — Starless & Bible Black (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1974) (2011) [qq]
King Crimson — Red (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1975) (2009) [qq]

King Crimson — Discipline (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1981) (2011) [qq]
King Crimson — Beat (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1982) (2016) [qq]
King Crimson — Three of a Perfect Pair (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (1984) (2016) [qq]

King Crimson — THRAK (30th anniversary remaster) (1995) (2004) [qq]
King Crimson — The ReconstruKction of Light (CD/DVD-A) (2000/2019) [qq]
King Crimson — The Power To Believe (40th anniversary CD/DVD-A) (2003/2019) [qq]

Steven Wilson has been remixing King Crimson's catalog into surround sound for the 40th anniversary series. These have been getting rave reviews.

Project X — Heaven and Earth (2000)
King Crimson — Level Five (EP) (2001)
King Crimson — Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With (EP) (2002)

Some Crimson EPs. While I don't have the original releases, these albums were included as bonus tracks in The ReconstruKction of Light and The Power To Believe.

King Crimson — Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind (live) (3CD/Blu-ray) (2016) [qq]

Recording of King Crimson's latest, seven member, line up. Featuring songs from the entire KC catalogue.

Table comparing recent live releases:

King Crimson — In the Court of the Crimson King (50th anniversary 3CD/Blu-ray) (1969/2019)

2019 re-remix by Steven Wilson.

King Crimson — On (and Off) The Road 1981-1984 (40th anniversary box set) (2016)

A 19-disc box set featuring the three albums from the 80's line up. (Dad's, not mine.)

King Crimson — THRAK BOX (40th anniversary deluxe box set) (2015)

Huge 16-disc box set featuring the 5.1 mix, three live concerts, two filmed concerts, and other goodies. Album surround mix by Jakko Jakszyk. Live surround mixes by David Singleton.

Details at

King Crimson — Heavy ConstruKction (live) (2000)
King Crimson — Live in Chicago (2017)

Some KC live releases. Live in Chicago is a particularly good concert from the current lineup; Heavy ConstruKction is a compilation of live performances and improvs from the 2000-era lineup.

King Crimson — In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50 (documentary, box set) (KCXP5011) (2022)

Toby Amies's documentary about the band. AKA CosmiKc F*Kc. Box set includes surround mixes of two concerts (Tring & Rock In Rio) and 4CDs of music from the film.

Jakszyk, Fripp & Collins — A Scarcity of Miracles (CD/DVD-A) (2011) (Used) [qq]

A Crimson ProjKct. All five musicians on this album went on to be part of the newly-reformed seventh King Crimson (plus two more drummers).

The Grid / Robert Fripp — Leviathan (CD/DVD-A) (2021) [qq]

Drum beats and soundscapes.

Stick Men — Umeda (Live in Osaka, Japan, 2022)

More Surround

The Pineapple Thief — How Did We Find Our Way? 1999-2006 (2023)

Box set of TPT's first 5 albums, with 5.1 and Atmos mixes. Albums: Abducted at Birth (1999), 137 (2002), Variations on a Dream + 8 Days (2003), 10 Stories Down + 8 Days Later (2005), Little Man (2006).

The Pineapple Thief — Where We Stood (Blu-ray) (2017) [qq]

Bday 2018. Includes surround sound mixes of the studio album Your Wilderness, plus the bonus album 8 Years Later from the deluxe edition, plus acoustic tracks.

The Pineapple Thief — Versions of the Truth (Blu-ray) (2020) [qq]
The Pineapple Thief — Nothing But the Truth (Blu-ray) (2021) (live) [qq]

The Pineapple Thief — Give it Back (CD/Blu-ray) (2022)

Anathema — The Optimist (Blu-ray) (2017) [qq]

Mixed by Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief.

Bruce Soord — Bruce Soord (FLAC Download) (2015) [qq]

Surround mix was initially only available as a special download from burning shed to people who preordered the CD. It was later offered for sale on

Yes — The Yes Album (CD/Blu-ray) (1971/2014) [qq]
Yes — Fragile (CD/Blu-ray) (1971/2015) [qq]
Yes — Close to the Edge (CD/Blu-ray) (1972/2013) [qq]

Jethro Tull — Benefit: Collector's Edition (2CD/DVD) (1970/2013) [qq]
Jethro Tull — Aqualung: 40th Anniversary Adapted Edition (2CD/2DVD) (1971/2016) [qq]
Jethro Tull — Thick as a Brick (40th anniversary CD/DVD) (1972/2012) [qq]
Jethro Tull — A Passion Play: An Extended Performance (2CD/2DVD) (1973/2014) [qq]
Jethro Tull — Songs From The Wood: The Country Set (3CD/2DVD) (1977/2017) [qq]
Jethro Tull — Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition (3CD/2DVD) (1978/2018) [qq]
Jethro Tull — Broadsword and the Beast (TBA)

Songs from the wood is regrettably out of print now.

Gentle Giant — Three Piece Suite (CD/Blu-ray) (2017) [qq]
Gentle Giant — The Power and the Glory (CD/Blu-ray) (2014) [qq]
Gentle Giant — Free Hand (CD/Blu-ray) (2021) [qq]

Pink Floyd — Animals (2018 mix) (1977/2022) (Blu-ray) [qq]

Brian Eno — FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE (2022) (limited edition Blu-ray) [qq] [qq2]

Frank Zappa — Waka/Wazoo (Deluxe 4CD + Blu-Ray Audio) (1972/2022) [qq]

Zappa finally gets a surround mix! Waka/Jawaka and The Grand Wazoo were part of his "big band" phase following Hot Rats and they should be well-suited for surround.

The box set also includes a bunch of alternate takes and some unreleased concert audio. I don't really care about those, but it's the only way to get the surround mix.

Tim Bowness — Lost in the Ghost Light (2017) (CD/DVD-V) [qq]

Includes surround mixes of both this album and his previous album, Stupid Things that Mean the World.

Nosound — Allow Yourself (2018) (CD/download) [qq]

Released on CD only, but orders through Burning Shed came with a 5.1 FLAC download.

Genesis — A Trick of the Tail (CD/DVD)
Genesis — Invisible Touch (CD/DVD)
Genesis — Turn It On Again: The Hits (1999) (Used)

Possibly the only good Genesis album, Trick of the Tail also has one of the best surround mixes! I also really like Invisible Touch.

R.E.M. — Up (CD/DVD-A) (1998/2005) (Used)

Alan Parsons Project — The Turn of a Friendly Card (Blu-ray) (1980/2023)
Booka Shade — Movements (Blu-ray) (2006/2022)
Tears for Fears — The Hurting (Blu-ray) (1983/2023)

Nine Inch Nails — The Downward Spiral (1994) (Used)
Nine Inch Nails — The Fragile (1999)
Nine Inch Nails — With Teeth (2005) (Used)
Nine Inch Nails — Year Zero (2007)
Nine Inch Nails — Ghosts I-IV (2008)
Nine Inch Nails — The Slip (2008) (Download)
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross — The Social Network (Soundtrack) (2009)
Nine Inch Nails — Hesitation Marks (2013)
Nine Inch Nails — Ghosts V: Together (2020) (MP3 Download)
Nine Inch Nails — Ghosts VI: Locusts (2020) (MP3 Download)
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross / Jon Batiste — Soul (Soundtrack) (2020)

Trent Reznor (the sole member of Nine Inch Nails) is a fascinating guy. He released two albums (Ghosts and The Slip) under a creative commons license after NIN's record deal expired. He has given away multitracks for three of his albums, and encouraged people to remix them. He was known to frequent Oink's Pink Palace, a music sharing site, before it was shut down.

Ghosts was what caught my attention. It is a bit of an anomaly. Entirely instrumental, lacking much of the aggression of NIN's music, it has more in common with the soundtracks Trent did afterwards. It's a great album; i'd really like my own copy of it.
Nine Inch Nails on Wikipedia

Nine Inch Nails — The Downward Spiral (DualDisc) (1994)
Nine Inch Nails — With Teeth (DualDisc) (2005) (Used) [qq]

Two NIN albums have been mixed in surround. The Fragile was supposed to get a surround sound mix too but it hasn't been released.

The Flaming Lips — Zaireeka (4CD) (1997) (Used)
The Flaming Lips — The Soft Bulletin 5.1 (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD-A) (1999/2006) [qq]
The Flaming Lips — Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 5.1 (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD-A) (2002/2003) (Used) [qq]
The Flaming Lips — At War With The Mystics 5.1 (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD-A) (2006) [qq]
The Flaming Lips — Embryonic (2009)
The Flaming Lips — 7 Skies H3 (2011)
The Flaming Lips — The Terror (2013)
The Flaming Lips — Oczy Mlody (2017) (Used, library case)

I have no idea how they keep making such interesting music. Each album is completely different.

They mixed a trio of albums into surround sound in the mid 2000's (The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi, and At War With The Mystics). These special editions are all out of print now and highly sought after. The mixes are wild and inventive, with sounds bouncing around all five speakers.

7 Skies H3 (a.k.a. the twenty-four hour song) was composed during their year of experimentation in 2011, following Found a Star on the Ground (the six-hour song). The song is a day-long journey about death, and it is quite an experience to listen to. In addition to being streamed from the band's website, there were 13 physical copies released on hard-drives housed in real human skulls. An hour-long edit was released on CD in 2014.

Daft Punk — Discovery (2001)
Daft Punk — Human After All (2005)
Daft Punk — Alive 2007
Daft Punk — TRON: Legacy (Soundtrack) (2010)
Daft Punk — Random Access Memories (2013)

Two robots making music. Best electronic/techno/disco/dance music on the planet.

I'd kind of like a used copy of Random Access Memories because it is distributed by Columbia, which is owned by Sony, and screw Sony.

TRON: Uprising (Soundtrack) (2013)

Scored by the same person who scored TRON: Legacy with Daft Punk, except that Daft Punk wasn't involved this time. Reputed to be good.

Muse — Absolution (2003) (Used)
Muse — Black Holes & Revelations (2006)
Muse — The Resistance (2009)
Muse — The 2nd Law (2012)
Muse — Simulation Theory (2018)

The Beatles — Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
The Beatles — The White Album (1968)
The Beatles — Abbey Road (1969) (2009 remaster)
John Lennon — Plastic Ono Band (1970)

I actually prefer the mono versions of most of the albums. The stereo mixes are too separated. Also, the Beatles weren't really involved in the stereo mixes. Sgt. Pepper in particular sounds way better in mono.

2020 update: there are now surround mixes of Sgt. Peppers, The White Album, and Abbey Road! Mixed by Giles Martin. Only available in big boxed sets unfortunately.

2022 update: Let It Be was remixed in 5.1 surround and Atmos. Revolver was remixed in Atmos but is only available via streaming.

Other Albums I Have

Adele — 21 (2011) (Used)
Adele — 25 (2015) (special edition) (Used)

Coldplay — A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002) (Used)
Coldplay — X&Y (2005) (Used)
Coldplay — Viva La Vida, or Death And All His Friends (2008) (Used)
Coldplay — Ghost Stories (Target edition) (2014)
Coldplay — A Head Full of Dreams (2015)
Coldplay — Kaleidoscope EP (2017) (Used, library case)

Death Cab For Cutie — Narrow Stairs (2008) (Used)

Elbow — The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014)
Elbow — Little Fictions (2017)
Elbow — Giants of All Sizes (2019)

Enya — Watermark (1988) (Used)
Enya — The Memory of Trees (1995) (Used)
Enya — Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya (1997) (Used)
Enya — a day without rain (2000) (Sealed)
Enya — Amarantine (2005) (Used)

Gorillaz — Gorillaz (2001)
Gorillaz — Demon Days (special edition CD/DVD) (2005)
Gorillaz — Plastic Beach (standard edition) (2010)
Gorillaz — Humanz (2CD deluxe edition) (Used) (2017)
Gorillaz — The Now Now (2018)

Spacemonkeyz versus Gorillaz — Laika Come Home (2002)
Gorillaz — Rise of the Ogre (book) (2006)
Gorillaz — Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades (DVD) (2006)
Gorillaz — D-Sides (2CD) (2007)
Monkey: Journey to the West (2008)

Haken — Fauna (2CD limited digipak) (2023)

Leprous — Malina (2017)
Leprous — Pitfalls (2019)

Leslie Odom Jr. — Simply Christmas (Deluxe edition) (2016/2017)

Marillion — Misplaced Childhood (1985) (Used)
Marillion — Seasons End (1989) (Used)
Marillion — Anoraknophobia (2001) (Used)
Marillion — Sounds that Can't Be Made (2012) (Used, library case)

Radiohead — The Bends (1995)
Radiohead — Kid A (2000)
Radiohead — Amnesiac (2001) (2009 2CD reissue)
Radiohead — Hail to the Thief (2003)
Thom Yorke — The Eraser (2006)
Radiohead — In Rainbows (2008) (Used)
Radiohead — The King of Limbs (2011)
Atoms For Peace — AMOK (2013)
Radiohead — A Moon Shaped Pool (2016)
The Smile — A Light For Attracting Attention (2022)

Red Hot Chili Peppers — Stadium Arcadium (2006)

Rush — Hemispheres (1978) (Used)
Rush — Power Windows (1985) (remastered) (Used)
Rush — Hold Your Fire (1987) (remastered) (Used)
Rush — Presto (1989) (Used)
Rush — Roll The Bones (1991) (Used)
Rush — Couterparts (1993) (Used)
Rush — Test For Echo (1996) (Used)
Rush — Vapor Trails (2002) (Used)
Rush — Snakes & Arrows (2007) (Used)

Smash Mouth — Astro Lounge (1999)
Smash Mouth — Smash Mouth (2001)
Smash Mouth — Get The Picture? (2003)

Sylvan Esso — Sylvan Esso (2014)

The Bad Plus — These are the Vistas (2003) (Used)
The Bad Plus — Give (2004) (Used)
The Bad Plus — Prog (2007) (Used)
The Bad Plus — The Bad Plus Joshua Redman (2015) (Used)

The Decemberists — The Crane Wife (2006)
The Decemberists — The Hazards of Love (2009)
The Decemberists — The King Is Dead (2011)
The Decemberists — I'll Be Your Girl (2018)
The Decemberists — Traveling On (EP) (2018)

Hazards of Love is definitely my favourite Decemberists album.

The Mars Volta — de-loused in the comatorium (2003)
The Mars Volta — Frances the Mute (2005)
The Mars Volta — Amputechture (2006) (Used)
The Mars Volta — The Bedlam in Goliath (2008)
The Mars Volta — Octahedron (2009)

They Might Be Giants — Apollo 18 (1992)
They Might Be Giants — John Henry (1994) (Used)
They Might Be Giants — John Henry Demos (2021) (digital download)
They Might Be Giants — Mink Car (2001) (Used)
They Might Be Giants — The Spine (2004)
They Might Be Giants — The Else (2007)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra — Beethoven's Last Night (2000) (Used)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra — The Lost Christmas Eve (2004) (Used)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra — Night Castle (2009) (Used)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra — Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996) (Used)

Weird Al — Bad Hair Day (1996)
Weird Al — Running With Scissors (1999)
Weird Al — Poodle Hat (2003)
Weird Al — Mandatory Fun (2014) (Used)


Classic Disney I-V (1995, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)
David & Steve Gordon — Sacred Earth Drums (1994)
Earth — The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (2008)
Frank Zappa — Civilization Phaze III (1994)

Andrew Lloyd Webber — Jesus Christ Superstar (1970)
Andrew Lloyd Webber — The Phantom of the Opera (original cast recording) (1987)
Avenue Q: Original Broadway Cast Recording (2003) (Used)
Danny Elfman — The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993/2006)
Lin-Manuel Miranda — Hamilton (2015)


George Gershwin — Rhapsody in Blue - James Levine and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1993) (Used)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) (Used)
Scott Joplin — The Entertainer (1987) (Used)


Philip Glass — Einstein on the Beach (1976)

Glass's monumental non-opera. There are at least three recordings of this.

Philip Glass — “Heroes” Symphony (1996) (Used)
Philip Glass — Koyaanisqatsi (1983) (1998 recording) (Used)
Philip Glass — Powaqqatsi (DVD film) (Used)

Wendy Carlos — Sonic Seasonings + (1972/1998)
Wendy Carlos — Beauty in the Beast (ESD 81552) (1986/2000)
Wendy Carlos — Switched-On Bach 2000 (ESD 81732) (1992/2004)

Big Thief — Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You (2022)
Hiromi — Spectrum (2019)
Jeroen van Vliet — Who's Afraid (1995)
Jeroen van Vliet — Wait (2013)
Lena Raine — Celeste OST (3CD box set) (2020)


Miscellaneous used

David Crosby — If I Could Only Remember My Name (1971) (Used)
Roxy Music — Roxy Music (1972/1999) (Used)
Steely Dan — Aja (1977/1984)
Styx — Pieces of Eight (1978) (Used)
The Who — Who's Next (1971/1995) (Used)

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (1989) (Used)
a-ha — hunting high and low (1985) (Used)
Billy Joel — Glass Houses (1980) (Used)
Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music — Street Life: 20 Great Hits (1989) (Used)
Depeche Mode — Some Great Reward (1984) (Used)
Joni Mitchell — Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm (1988) (Used)
George Michael — Faith (1987) (Used)
Michael Hedges — Aerial Boundaries (1984) (Used)
Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass — Passages (1980) (Used)
Roxy Music — Avalon (1982) (Used)
Talking Heads — The name of this band is Talking Heads (live) (1982/2004) (Used)
XTC — Oranges & Lemons (1989) (Used)
Yes — 90125 (1983) (Used)
Yes — Big Generator (1987) (Used, scratch)

Alanis Morissette — Jagged Little Pill (1995) (Used)
Fourplay — Snowbound (1999) (Used)
Metallica — Load (1996) (Used)
Metallica — Reload (1997) (Used)
Metallica — S&M (live) (1999) (Used)
Peter Gabriel — Us (1992) (Used)
Peter Gabriel — Secret World Live (2CD) (1994) (Used)
Phil Collins — Dance into the Light (1996) (Used)
Tori Amos — Boys for Pele (1996) (Used)
Tori Amos — To Venus and Back (1999) (Used)
Yanni — Live at the Acropolis (1994) (Used)

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant — Raising Sand (2007) (Used)
Daniel Lanois — Shine (2003) (Used)
Diana Krall — The Girl in the Other Room (2004)
Donna Summer — The Journey: The Best of Donna Summer (2CD) (2003) (Used)
Fiona Apple — Extraodinary Machine (2005) (Used)
Nickel Creek — Why Should the Fire Die? (2005) (Used)
Nightwish — Once (2004) (Used)
Nils Frahm — Wintermusik (2009) (Used) (Sealed)
Nils Frahm — The Bells (2009) (Used) (Sealed)

Kate Bush — 50 Words For Snow (2011) (Used)
Metallica — Through the Never (live) (2013) (Used, library case)
Pentatonix — That's Christmas To Me (2014) (Used)
Paul Simon — Stranger to Stranger (2016) (Used)
Steve Martin & Edie Brickell — Love Has Come For You (2013) (Used)

Elliott Smith — Either/Or (1997) (Used)
Enigma — Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (Used)
Peter, Paul & Mary — Peter, Paul & Mommy (1969) (Used)
Peter, Paul & Mary — A Holiday Celebration (1983) (Used)
Porcupine Tree — Stupid Dream (CD/DVD jewel case w/ slip cover) (1999/2006) (Used)

Camille Saint-Saëns — The Best of Saint-Saëns (2CD) (1994) (Used)
Sergei Rachmaninoff — Great Pianists of the 20th Century, volume 81 (2CD) (Used)
Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor — Appalachia Waltz (1996) (Sealed)
Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor — Appalachian Journey (2000) (Used)
Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile — Not Another Goat Rodeo (2020) (Used)
Yo-Yo Ma / Silk Road Ensemble — Silk Road Journey: When Strangers Meet (2001) (Used)

Library book sale + used stuff.

Local Bands

Trenchcoats — It Turns Me On (1992)
Trenchcoats — Your Joy (1994)
Trenchcoats — Exposed (live) (1995) (Used)
Trenchcoats — Are You Up? (1996)
The Coats — When I'm With You (1999)
The Coats — The Coats Collection (2000)
The Coats — On Christmas Time (2000)
The Coats — The Boys Are Back (2003)
The Coats — The Caroler (2006)
The Coats — Highway 1 (2014)
The Coats — Shine On (2016)

The Stack — Slipstream (2004)
The Stack — We Are The Listeners (2006)
yOya — yOya EP (2009)
yOya — Nothing To Die (2010)
yOya — Go North EP (2013)
yOya — The Half Turn (CD/Vinyl) (2018)

J.E. Sunde — Now I Feel Adored (2017)
J.E. Sunde — Alice, Gloria and Jon (2023)

The Maharimbas — Live! At the Summit (1999)
The Maharimbas — Still Alive! At the Summit (2005)

Pink Martini — Sympathique (1997) (Used)
Pink Martini — Hang on Little Tomato (2004) (Used)
Pink Martini — Hey Eugene! (2007) (Used)
Pink Martini — Splendor in the Grass (2009) (Used)

audiophilia — all purpose ep (2011)

Broque — 7 in the Afternoon (2011)
Gideon Freudmann — Sonic Surf (2008) (Used)
The Portland Cello Project — The Thao & Justin Power Sessions (2009) (Used)

Vega — Summer Triangle (2007)
Geo 4 — Tales From The Geoverse (2012)

J. Riding — Riding Review (2012)
J. Riding — New Digs (2012)
J. Riding — Don't Let It Go (2015)

Digital music

Not CDs but I do own these. These tend to be either albums that are unavailable on CD, or (occasionally) game soundtracks that i got in a bundle.

various singles by yOya
emancipator — Live In Athens (free download) (2015)
LITE — Installation (2013)
Radiohead — Minidiscs [HACKED]

Isaac Shankar — Analogue OST (MP3)
Isaac Shankar — Hate Plus OST (MP3)
Arvi Teikari — Baba Is You OST

Neil Cicierega — Mouth Silence (2014)
Neil Cicierega — Mouth Moods (2017)
Neil Cicierega — Mouth Dreams (2020)

Colin Edwin & Jon Durant — Burnt Belief (2012)
Burnt Belief — Etymology (2014)
Burnt Belief — Emergent (2016)
Burnt Belief — Mutual Isolation (2021)
Burnt Belief — Traces (2022) (compilation)

Asterion — Constellations (2014)
Bass Communion — Sisters Oregon (2017)
Disparition — Neukrk (2011)
graveyard theory — chlorokinetic (2022)
Luka Prinčič — Transport Layer Security EP (2020)
Marskye — Boyfriend Dungeon (2021)
People Need Goals — The Lost Year (2021)
Pfred — Am I (2020)
Pfred — Alice (One More Week) (2022)
Powderpaint — Powderpaint (2020)
Quine — Archive (2018)
Zhea Erose — WXTCHCRXFT (2020)

Favorite albums of 2019

Amy Steinberg — Intimate with the Infinite (2013)
Lena Reine — Celeste OST (2018)
Dream Theater — Distance Over Time (2019)
Elbow — Giants of All Sizes (2019)
Elbow — The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014)
Leprous — Pitfalls (2019)
Rebecca Sugar — Steven Universe Soundtrack, Vol 2 (2019)
Tool — Fear Inoculum (2019)
Tune-Yards — I can feel you creep into my private life (2018)

Favorite albums of 2018

A Perfect Circle — Eat the Elephant (2018)
Animals as Leaders — The Joy of Motion (2014)
clipping. — Splendor & Misery (2016)
Gorillaz — The Now Now (2018)
Jeroen van Vliet — Wait (2013)
Leprous — Malina (2017)
Pentatonix — PTX Volume IV, Classics (2017)
Riverside — Wasteland (2018)
Sylvan Esso — sylvan esso (2014)
yOya — The Half Turn (2018)

Other Albums I Want

Arcade Fire — Neon Bible (2007)
Arcade Fire — Reflektor (2013)
Haim — Days Are Gone (2013)
Nightwish — Oceanborn (1999)
OK Go — Of The Blue Color Of The Sky (2010)
Passion Pit — Manners (2009)
Tame Impala — Lonerism (2012)
The XX — Coexist (2012)

These are albums from the library that i really like. Which is to say, i've checked them out repeatedly.

Arcade Fire is weird. I could never get into The Funeral or The Suburbs, but i love Neon Bible and the first disc of Reflektor.

Frank Zappa — Hot Rats (1969)

Zappa's best album. Without question.

Beyonce — Lemonade (CD/DVD) (2016)

Metallica — Death Magnetic (2015 remaster, official download) [flac:$13]